Welcome to contribute with Tribute where we interview collaborators and their charity of choice for our current collection. Our very first contributor, and brilliant artist, is Korea’s IT-girl: Jessi! She is not only a renowned rapper, singer, songwriter, and host, but a public figure who also cares about contributing to better the world around her. Whether it is  through charity donations or even sharing style tips. Which in this case, Jessi does both!


"So I decided to be a part of the Tribute campaign because I wanted to bring awareness and spread love by creating cute everyday wear that is comfortable, with a touch of Jessi that also makes you feel confident.”

She also mentioned that with all the negativity going around, it made her feel and understand how hate “IS” a virus that needs to be confronted. Jessi added, “So I wanted to take this opportunity to contribute through this campaign called “Stand Together” to shift the energy away from the problems that stem from hate and being against one another.


This collection also embodies her style and comfort in the best way possible. Jessi explained how the Stand Together collection holds "masks, tops, and sweatpants" like the clothes that she wears on a daily basis. Jessi cannot wait to show her fans her new campaign collection.

Lastly we  talked about what type of advice would be best for people who receive hate for being different and might feel alone. To this Jessi replied with some great advice which was, "It is not a crime to be different, so don't be afraid to be yourself. You are special. You are YOU. Let’s not forget that love is ALSO contagious so let’s stand together.”

Let’s create something valuable together.

Let’s create something valuable together.